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TJB Trading philosophy is non-restrictive and our clients have access to a myriad of investment products, options and platforms. As we are aware and open to all aspects of global economies and markets being inter-related more closely than ever before, we do not limit our recommendations, products and advice based on dominant market trends. Through analyzing capital requirements, the needs of our client’s dictates our philosophy and attitude and we will always deliver relevant and wanted advice that aligns with our client’s expectations regarding short and long-term investment options.

Introducing and delivering a full range of investment services we are not limited to any specific market class, asset or financial product. From offering products in the primary alternative asset classes like private equity, through to managed account platform funds, TJB Trading considers all financial strategies and products to research, analyze and introduce to our clients. We have access to alternative asset investment options through many service providers and our executives collaborate with multiple and varied corporations and institutions to provide a financial solution scripted for each client.

TJB Trading can also introduce clients to multi-currency deposit facilities and personal trusts and providing our criteria is met, a strong focus is often placed on discovering smaller-cap and smaller-market opportunities for diversification and growth potential. Whilst risk-management is our essence, scenarios are continually investigated resulting in opportunistic investments by focusing on middle market buyouts, growth buyouts, and turnaround opportunities in North America, Asia and Europe.

TJB Trading's tailored portfolio services embrace clients and investors who seek diversification, growth potential and income opportunities. Across the risk/return spectrum our strategies range from country-specific to regional solutions that provide diverse exposure across sectors, themes and market capitalization. They include both growth and income-oriented portfolios. Our integration of wealth management solutions from global resources provides professional and customized asset allocation solutions.

We also investigate and research alternative investment scenarios for our clients through managed futures programs, and recommendations including purchases of equity shares of well-run but mispriced companies. By controlling risk through diversifying portfolios across industries, increases the probability of excess performance due to specified stock selection. Investors can select multiple platform strategies in their portfolio to include a broad range of sectors in managed futures such as energy, livestock, minerals, metals, primary commodities, currencies, and interest rates. Clients have found financial security using these methods of investment as it reduces portfolio volatility across a typically long-term asset class.

Determining a company's pricing structure using financial problem solving and multiple faceted research and development methods often uncovers incorrect market valuations. We approach these stock pricing deficiencies to determine the intrinsic value and possible investment opportunity, spreading risk return over multiple layers and markets increasing the odds of an eventual long term positive reward. Our researches look for high-return blue chip and cap stocks and recommendations will include equity stocks and a strong focus on small cap stocks, with bonds, depository receipts and various financial instruments, increasing substantial outcomes for clients.

TJB Trading only introduces a financial investment option once considerable research has been undertaken. Our fundamental Research approach ensures a complete and diversified portfolio with excellent distribution of financial instruments, products and risk-reward diversity. Undertaking comprehensive due diligence in evaluating a prospective portfolio company, we look for strong indicators of survivability and sustainability. All levels of a prospective company get assessed by our expert managers to discover essential selection criteria created as benchmarks for our generalised interest including sound fundamentals, strong balance sheets, viable business models and the ability to maintain reasonable growth rates over the long term.