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TJB Trading's mission is to deliver solutions for global investors to participate across a wide spectrum of investment solutions and practices. We offer investors a proven pathway into known, existing markets and newer dynamic regions, products and financial processes. The company, consisting of experienced financial managers, consultants and administration staff, manages institutional portfolios of equity stocks, small cap stocks, bonds, depository receipts and other financial instruments as well as individual company investments and other varied financial products and devices.

Although we focus on long term solutions and rewards by implementing a fundamental value approach to investing, the firm employs an active trading strategy and rewards turnaround for our clients can be very rapid and cyclic. This active trading strategy is supported by proprietary systems that adapt and consolidate traditional securities risk estimation models.

TJB Trading brings to the service of its investors proprietary, state-of-the-art pricing and risk management systems to complement its team's extensive experience in its securities. Capitalizing in various opportunities lends itself to a long-term perspective. Combining a mixture of short term stock trades and other equity transactions is very practical and can bring immediate rewards.

However, we also emphasise the benefits of lengthier opportunities. Rather than just seeking rewards from current trends and opportunistic trading, our portfolio teams adopt multiple-term approaches requiring patience and confidence, grounded in diligent research. Many of our clients prefer this longer term approach as it helps investors better understand predictable as well as volatile market uncertainties.

TJB Trading embraces sustainable investment when looking at any product, region or type of market project. Using an integrated investment approach with the goal of generating long-term added value, the majority of political, social and economic uncertainties that characterize emerging markets and investment channels do not affect us too greatly or too often. The tendency to follow investment trends, although sometime essential, is not the basis of our management strategy and thus, the generation of new ideas and methods is the strength to push through inevitable difficult markets and result fluctuations.

Our attention to results-proven practices and of delivering outstanding results becomes possible through our executive level philosophy and real-world vision of our people combined with the relationships we form with our clients. The dedication of our team ensures the highest consistency of delivering excess investment returns.

Our corporate culture is one underpinned by a shared set of core values and a solid code of ethics which reflect accurate and focused business decisions. Our professional global team of executive managers and researches specialize with planning corporate direction, implementing business strategies and with tailoring investment choices for individual investors.

TJB Trading’s distinctive elements of wealth creation and investment are delivered by financial problem solving and multiple faceted research and development methods. Considerations of all critical issues are combined into complex decisions regarding the direction of client portfolios creating long lasting successful results.

Our clients want to protect and enhance their financial security so our approach is to tackle the obstacles presented various and changing financial environments through delivering quality proactive investment advice and a range of globally diversified products and services. We appreciate that the needs of global investors are diverse and increasingly complex and our institutional and private clients have specific requirements; in both cases we develop corporate or individual investment programs that fit the client's profile, financial goals and risk acceptable criteria.

TJB Trading accepts the long or short term investment goals of our clients and recognizes their changing requirements. Our dedicated team of professionals seeks to consistently outperform our benchmarks by applying our unique investment approach.